JourniDock with iPad and iPhone
Journidock docking station for cell phone, iPad, and GPS

Dock Electronics In Your Car

With JourniDock, you can dock multiple electronic devices together in one place in your vehicle. JourniDock's customizable system allows you to position your cell phone, iPod, tablet computer, and GPS exactly how you want them.

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Mobile Car Desk and Office for Travel

A Mobile Car Desk For Travel

If you work out of your vehicle, you know that sometimes you just need to pull over and quickly accomplish a task. Send an E-mail. Jot down a note. Make a call. With JourniDock you have a desk in your car, making quick "work breaks" effortless.

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JourniDock helps you organize your vehicle

Get Organized In Your Vehicle

A messy car is no fun. Stuff flying around in your vehicle is worse. With JourniDock you have a holder for your cell phone, iPod, iPad, GPS, pens, papers, notes, loose change, and more. You know where everything is, and that it's safe and secure.

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Learn MoreJourniDock-docking-station-mobile-office-setupAre you tired of clutter in your vehicle? Wouldn't it be nice to have a convenient place to dock your electronic devices, including your GPS, cell phone, iPod, and iPad? If so, say hello to JourniDock! Learn More


1With your cell phone, gps, and iPad mounted securely, you prevent them from flying around your car and eliminate a dangerous distraction. One of many ways JourniDock helps you stay safe on the road.

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2Nobody likes a messy car. Getting rid of clutter in your vehicle gives you peace of mind and helps you focus your attention on the road. In addition to electronics, JourniDock also organizes your notes, pens, loose change, and more.

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3JourniDock helps make traveling more enjoyable. Electronics can be positioned for the passenger to use – giving them a convenient holder for their phone or tablet. Or, set up JourniDock in the back seat for the kids!

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4JourniDock looks great in your vehicle. It’s available in two different colors that blend with any black, grey, or tan interior. Most car organizers are ugly. JourniDock, on the other hand, makes your car or truck look classy.

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