JourniDock Features

A Car Desk for Docking Electronics

A New Way To Dock Your Devices

JourniDock is a docking system for your vehicle that holds your GPS device, cell phone, and iPad conveniently within arms reach. JourniDock device holders are universal by design and fasten securely to the desk without using suction cups. The flexible nature of the docking system allows up to 3 devices to be arranged simultaneously, and accessed by both driver and passenger.
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Docking Station for Cars and Trucks
Docking Station for Cars and Trucks

A Desk For Your Car

1The JourniDock desk works together with your electronic devices to help you set up a powerful workstation in your vehicle. If you spend a lot of time on the road, using Journidock as a mobile office can help you become more productive and efficient.

An Organized Vehicle

2Staying organized in the car can be tricky. Most vehicles just aren’t built to keep you organized, especially if you’ve got a lot of stuff. JourniDock doesn’t just keep you organized, it places everything where you want it to be.

Secure Mounting Solution

3Does this sound familiar to you – you’re driving down the road and your suction cup mount falls off your windshield and onto your dashboard. This happens far too often, and it’s dangerous. Inevitably, suction cup mounts lose strength and fail over time. JourniDock mounts fasten using a simple bolt and screw mechanism so they don’t come loose.

A Safer Way To Travel

4JourniDock helps keep you safe. With your electronic devices off of your windshield, you keep your lines of sight clear and minimize any distractions they cause in your peripheral vision. Knowing where your phone is means you’re not scrambling when somebody calls. Learn more about how JourniDock can help you stay safe.

The JourniDock Advantage

Mission Control

JourniDock enables you to set up your own mission control center in your vehicle. Create a fully functional “cockpit,” with GPS and internet connectivity (if your devices have this capability). By connecting to a bluetooth enabled stereo system, you can control your vehicle’s audio directly from your devices that are set up on JourniDock.


1There are an infinite number of ways you can configure JourniDock. Our lineup of mounts and accessories adapt to fit your devices and allow you to arrange them to your liking. Check out our package deals, mounts, and accessories for more information.

Passenger Friendly

2Other car desks and mobile offices sit on your passenger seat. But what If somebody wants to ride along? You have to move it! Passengers actually love JourniDock because they can use it to dock their own devices and they get an extra cup holder.

A Table To Eat On

3These days, more people are eating in their vehicles than ever before. This can be both distracting and make a big mess. If you have to eat in your vehicle, JourniDock gives you a convenient table for your meal.

A Comfortable Armrest

4Many center consoles just aren’t a comfortable armrest. Often they sit too low or they’re not big enough. The JourniDock table sits 1.5″ above your center console and is a comfortable place to rest your arm.

Easy Installation

5JourniDock straps to the lid of your center console in a way that is simple and easy to install. It sets up in less than 5 minutes – no tools required.
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Why Choose JourniDock?

6There are other car desks, mobile offices, docking stations, and vehicle organizers on the market. We put together a top 10 list of what sets JourniDock apart.
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Built-In Clipboard

1The JourniDock clipboard makes jotting down notes easy because it’s located exactly where you want it to be. It’s also removable, so if you need to take it to a meeting you can. If you’re not using it you’re able to flip it over, which creates a flat surface for doing working on.


2The JourniDock organizer complements the clipboard. It has 4 compartments to keep pens, pencils, loose change, and other small items organized and within reach. It also features a wire channel for feeding chords to your electronic devices from under the table.

Phone Mount

3Every JourniDock comes with a universal phone mount that’s also compatible with all Garmin GPS devices. If you’d like to add additional mounts to your JourniDock, please visit our store.

Extra Cup Holders

4The Journidock custom cup holders swing out when you’re using them, and swing out of the way when you’re not. They’re included with every JourniDock package.

What Our Customers Are Saying

Buying Options

Thirsty Traveler

  • Organizer
  • 1 Phone Mount
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders

Road Warrior

  • Organizer
  • 2 Phone Mounts
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders
  • Non-Slip Pad

Ultimate Companion

  • Organizer
  • 2 Phone Mounts
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders
  • Non-Slip Pad
  • Tablet Mount

Car Desk and Docking Station Guarantee

Our Promise To You

We are so sure you’ll love your JourniDock that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply return your JourniDock within the first 30 days for a full refund.

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