Will JourniDock fit in my vehicle?

JourniDock needs a minimum of 7.75″ between your seats to install on your center console. Our 3 foot long custom straps allow it to be attached to both large and small consoles. Please review JourniDock’s technical specifications to ensure it will fit in your vehicle.

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How does JourniDock install in my vehicle?

JourniDock has been engineered to install in almost any vehicle with a center console. It’s a two step process. First, strap the mounting plate to your center console. Second, secure the JourniDock table to the mounting plate. Check out our installation page for more information.

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Will I be able to shift my car?

Most of the time JourniDock can be positioned so it does not interfere with your gearshift. In some cases, however, JourniDock can impede its operation. If you’re having trouble, try installing the mounting plate further back on your center console to free up space in the front. To view Journidock’s dimensions, click here.

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