Safety Features

Stay Safe With JourniDock

JourniDock was designed to help you become more organized in your vehicle, and thereby increase your safety. Nothing’s more distracting then hearing the phone ring, not knowing where it is, and frantically trying to find it. JourniDock solves this problem by placing it exactly where you need it, so you know where it is every time. Check out the examples below to see how JourniDock can help you stay safe on the road.

10 Ways JourniDock Keeps You Safe

Unobstructed Windshield

1Many conventional GPS and phone mounts are designed to attach a suction cup to your windshield. The problem is that once attached, they obstruct a part of your view. Some states, most notably California and Minnesota, are taking steps to outlaw windshield mounting altogether. JourniDock allows you to mountyour devices in a convenient location without blocking your view.

Secure Devices

2If you’ve ever tried mounting a suction cup to your windshield, you know that they eventually loosen and fall down. Unforunately, this often comes at inopportune times like when turning, or in heavy traffic. You can lose focus. Not with JourniDock. Because all of your devices are fastened securely with our unique docking system, you don’t have to worry about them coming loose while you’re driving.

Unobstructed Windshield

3Staying organized is a key to safety as well as success. If you don’t know where something is when you need it on the road, searching for it creates a serious distraction. Because JourniDock allows you to organize your pens, pencils, credit cards, GPS, phone, iPad, etc, you have everything in its right place when you need it. By keeping you organized, JourniDock helps you focus on the road.

Eyes On The Road

4Clearing your windshield, securing your devices, and keeping you organized add up to one very important safety feature: keeping your eyes on the road. It’s no secret that distracted driving is the number one cause of automobile accidents. By ensuring you aren’t searching for things needlessly in your car, JourniDock allows you to keep your eyes where you need them – on the road.

Safer Eating

5Eating in the car can be dangerous. Yet it’s something that we all do. Vehicles come with cup holders, but they don’t come with a good place to put food. Setting your food on your lap can be distracting and make a mess. Sometimes eating in the car is unavoidable. JourniDock is a great place to “dock your food” while you’re eating so you can minimize distractions.

Convenient Cupholder

6If you select a package with JourniDock cup holders, they provide you with an nice place to hold your beverages. The cupholders are placed so that your drink, like all of your devices, is where you want it. When you don’t have anything to drink, they can swing underneath the top, allowing for convenient storage. It’s one of the many ways JourniDock works for you.

Safer phone calls in your car with JourniDock
JourniDock Docking Station for Driver and Passenger

Safer Phone Calls

7If you need to recieve a call on the road, JourniDock helps you avoid many of the distractions that come with it. By keeping your phone docked in a familiar location, you don’t search for it. Use your phones’ speakerphone to talk hands free. Better yet, connect your device to your vehicles bluetooth system and hear your conversation partner through your car’s speakers.

Use Your Voice

8Many of todays cell phones come equipped with powerful voice activation technologies. The combination of voice activation and JourniDock amounts to a powerful safety feature that can work to keep you safe. By keeping your devices in a familiar location, you can activate this technology without taking your eyes off road. Get directions or change the music without distraction.

Navigation Aid

9JourniDock offers accessories that are compatible with popular navigation systems, including Garmin and TomTom. By mounting your device to your JourniDock, you clear your windshield while keeping your GPS close. Like everything that mounts to JourniDock, it’s placed nearby so you don’t have to reach for it.

Ideal With Bluetooth

10A great feature of our universal tablet mount is that can easily be adjusted to make it usable for your passenger. If your son or daughter is sitting in the front seat, a great way for them to pass the time is by doing their homework or watching a movie on an iPad or other tablet. Keeping them occupied helps you stay focused.

Buying Options

Thirsty Traveler

  • Organizer
  • 1 Phone Mount
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders

Road Warrior

  • Organizer
  • 2 Phone Mounts
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders
  • Non-Slip Pad

Ultimate Companion

  • Organizer
  • 2 Phone Mounts
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders
  • Non-Slip Pad
  • Tablet Mount

Car Desk and Docking Station Guarantee

Our Promise To You

We are so sure you’ll love your JourniDock that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply return your JourniDock within the first 30 days for a full refund.

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