Shipping Policy

JourniDock will gladly ship any product within the continental United States in accordance with the provisions on this page and the rates posted below provided that the destination can be reached by UPS. Products generally ship 1-2 days after an order is processed. Charges for shipments made to areas that are inaccessible to UPS may vary. Shipments outside the continental United States will have to be quoted and vary per geographical location and carrier. All merchandise seen on this web site is shippable by UPS.

If for any reason (local law or UPS coverage area, or any other unforeseen reason) an order cannot be delivered in a timely manner, we will contact the buyer for approval of alternative shipping methods to be purchased at the buyer’s expense. Orders requiring special handling and/or shipment by a commercial freight carrier may be subject to the appropriate freight charges.

Standard shipping charges per JourniDock Basic, Thirsty Traveler, Road Warrior, and Ultimate companion packages: UPS Ground – $15.00 for the first package. 12.00 for each package thereafter.

All orders for mounts and accessories purchased without a JourniDock package incur a 4.95 shipping charge for the first item, and 1.95 per item after that.

*We currently ship solely via UPS ground.