Garmin Mount


The Garmin mount fastens securely to the JourniDock table, ensuring it won’t come loose during use. It is capable of being mounted on any one of the four mounting holes on the JourniDock table, giving you multiple positioning options. It is compatible with any Garmin GPS device that has a standard factory mounting bracket that accommodates the “G-Ball.”



Additional Information

Rotation and tilt allow for flexibility in positioning your device to your liking. The adjustable arm allows you to set your Garmin device in a range of different heights. Compatible with all Garmin Models including: Nuvi, StreetPilot, Zumo, and Aera.

Stay Legal

Two States, California and Minnesota, have made it illegal to mount devices to your windshield because they block a portion of the drivers field of view. Others are moving in the same direction. JourniDock gives you a legal place to mount your Garmin device.


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