Road Warrior


The JourniDock Road Warrior package comes with everything that is included in the Thirsty Traveler package, plus an extra phone mount (also works with all Garmin devices) and a non-slip pad. Capable of holding two phones, or a phone and Garmin GPS device.



What’s Included

  • One extra universal phone mount (also compatible
    with all Garmin devices). Total = 2 phone mounts
  • Non-slip pad
  • Set of JourniDock cup holders
  • Built-in clipboard
  • Organizer for pens, pencils, etc
  • JourniDock center console mounting kit
  • JourniDock table

Ideal For

  • Docking a cell phone AND a Garmin simultaneously
  • Setting items on – i.e. a purse, book, wallet, etc. Non-slip pad holds them in place
  • Individuals that need an extra pair of cup holders in their vehicle
  • Modern day road warriors – contractors, business executives, traveling sales representatives, taxi drivers, realtors, hospics nurses, etc


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