Thirsty Traveler


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JourniDock Thirsty Traveler package is equipped with a set of cup holders. They swing out from under the table during use, and back underneath when not in use. It also allows you to dock a phone or Garmin device.

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What’s Included

  • Set of JourniDock cup holders
  • Universal phone mount (also compatible
  • with all Garmin devices)
  • Built-in clipboard
  • Organizer for pens, pencils, etc
  • JourniDock center console mounting kit
  • JourniDock table

Ideal For

  • Individuals that need an extra pair of cup holders in their vehicle
  • Using your cell phone for navigation
  • Docking a cell phone OR a Garmin
  • Organizing pens, papers, loose change, etc
  • Individuals with only one device to dock


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