JourniDock: A Better Way To Travel

If you spend more than 15 minutes a day in your vehicle, you’re going to love JourniDock.

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JourniDock Overview Video

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JourniDock Docking Station for Driver and Passenger
JourniDock Docking Station with GPS and iPhone

JourniDock is 3 Things in One


With your cell phone, gps, and iPad mounted securely, you prevent them from flying around your car and eliminate a dangerous distraction. One of many ways JourniDock helps you stay safe on the road.


Nobody likes a messy car. Getting rid of clutter in your vehicle gives you peace of mind and helps you focus your attention on the road. In addition to electronics, JourniDock also organizes your notes, pens, loose change, and more.


JourniDock helps make traveling more enjoyable. Electronics can be positioned for the passenger to use – giving them a convenient holder for their phone or tablet. Or, set up JourniDock in the back seat for the kids!


JourniDock looks great in your vehicle. It’s available in two different colors that blend with any black, grey, or tan interior. Most car organizers are ugly. JourniDock, on the other hand, makes your car or truck look classy.

A New Way To Travel

JourniDock is ideal for anyone who spends extensive time in their vehicle. Contractors, salespeople, real estate agents, hospice nurses, and more find JourniDock to be an ideal companion for life on the road. Not only does it help you get organized (and stay organized), but it also enables you to set up a mobile office that increases your productivity. Once you hit the road with JourniDock, you’ll never want to go without it again.

JourniDock Mobile Office
JourniDock Mobile Office
JourniDock docking station for iphone and gps
JourniDock Mobile Office and Car Organizer
Backseat Car Organizer

Like many products, JourniDock was born of necessity. As a former contractor, I was constantly on the move, meeting with clients, attending meetings and running around town. My truck was a mess, and I built the first JourniDock to help myself get organized. Soon after, people began asking if I could make one for them! It is from those humble beginnings the JourniDock was born.

Paul Miller – JourniDock Founder

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Buying Options

Thirsty Traveler

  • Organizer
  • 1 Phone Mount
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders

Road Warrior

  • Organizer
  • 2 Phone Mounts
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders
  • Non-Slip Pad

Ultimate Companion

  • Organizer
  • 2 Phone Mounts
  • Clipboard
  • Cup Holders
  • Non-Slip Pad
  • Tablet Mount

Car Desk and Docking Station Guarantee

Our Promise To You

We are so sure you’ll love your JourniDock that we offer a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Simply return your JourniDock within the first 30 days for a full refund.

Car Desk and Docking Station Money Back Guarantee